Jessica Louise (pinkdaze) wrote in ukstudy,
Jessica Louise

Motivation & tips

Ok ladies I need your help. I am attempting to write my first big assignment since starting university and whilst I have no problem with the subject matter I am finding it really hard to motivate myself to sit down and write the thing. So, I need your tips for improving concentration and opinions (best to study with or without background noise etc.).

Tags: tips
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I've been there and it's not fun. I usually work better to music that has no lyrics, classical music is good if you like it. Zero 7 is a great band to work to, their songs have lyrics but it's very relaxing but not relaxing enough to make you sleep.

Try writing a plan of what you have to do for the assignment and then set yourself deadlines for getting small bits of work done. Take regluar breaks, keep up your energy levels by eating good food and not munching on greasy foods that will make you want to sleep.

Hope some of that is helpful :)
I find I need complete silence to work. I get distracted and can't concentrate if theres music or the television is on or people are talking.

I agree with cherub_ellie about writing a plan and then doing it in small bits. I find breaking things down really helps me and that way I don't get overwhelmed and panicky by everything I need to do.

Having a good study environment is important. I've recently just got a desk for the corner of my room and thats helped immensely. Before I was just working sitting on my bed which wasn't ideal.
Everything I need is now at hand, all my notes and things like highlighters and hole punches and staplers. Sitting down at my desk really helps to get me in a study-frame of mind.