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ukstudy's Journal

Anyone in the UK studying at GCSE level or above!
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Welcome to ukstudy.

The place for all students in the UK studying at GCSE level or above to:

- Discuss assignments, essays and coursework at any level.
- Ask for help with their work or post discussions for research.
- Request and post helpful websites/past essays/ideas and thoughts.
- Ask for advice regarding exams, revision, A Levels, unis and all things in between.
- Share your experiences of education with other people.
- Buy and sell old textbooks at discounted prices.

Obviously this is aimed at students in the UK but anyone can join! If you are a teacher, lecturer, graduate or just someone interested in holding discussions or helping with assignments we would love to have you!

I hate communities with loads of rules so for now, I will assume that people of 16 years old and older will know how to conduct themselves! O/T posts are okay, but please try to keep them to a limit. If people post unrelated topics continuously, I will have to delete them, ban whoever is responsible and enforce rules - but let's hope it doesn't happen! However, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - it's only short, I promise.

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