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Books for sale

Hey guys, this community is quiet but I thought I'd try this. I have two books for sale:

Foundations of Marketing by Jonathan Groucutt (printed 2005). I paid £20.99 for this but I'll take £15.00 ono.
It's hardly been used, I studpidly bought it a week before I dropped out of the course (postgrad business degree), it's been sat on my bookshelf ever since. I've made no notes in it and it's in a brand new condition.

Managerial Economics Second Edition by Ivan Png (printed 2006). I paid £29.99 for it in the same circumstances as the book above. I'll take £21.99 ono for it. Again, it's in brand new condition.

Both books could cost between £3.85 and £4.95 to send.

I'll take offers on these but I'm also selling them elsewhere so I may withdraw the sale at any time.
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